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    Shenzhen YIDONG Acrylic Products Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design, production of plexiglass (acrylic, acrylic, Acrylic) products of large enterprises, companies have advanced a model / injection / sandblasting / silk screen / heat Bending Forming / seamless pressing / Drawing / scrub / polishing / laser engraving cutting / CNC engraving, and so a full set of production equipment and technology.
    Products: Product Display stands, show props, phone / watches / glasses / MP3 display stand, logo signs, promotional image of supplies, medals trophies, DVD / TV / amplifier / mechanical equipment panel, property licensing, Wine Licensing, packaging, alcoholic drinks and tobacco packaging, cosmetics counters, all kinds of small gifts, information boxes, POP plexiglass technology licensing, and other products.
    Welcomed the Advisory business negotiations.
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